CV 2021 Pool Membership and Payment Form

BEFORE PROCEEDING: After filling out and clicking “SUBMIT” on the Membership Form below, YOU MUST CONTINUE DOWN THE PAGE to choose a payment option. If you do not provide both the membership form AND payment, your membership is not valid. Please save your emailed receipt of payment to show at the entrance to the pool.

Pool Hours

Fridays Open 4:30pm – 7:00pm

Saturday Regular Hours 10:00am – 7:00pm

Sunday Regular Hours 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Monday – Thursday CLOSED

**Additional information about Labor Day weekend hours will be sent closer to that weekend.

Email addresses will only be used for Cammack Village Pool related communication.
Make sure to enter all immediate members of the household. Anyone not listed will be required to pay a Guest Day Pass. (Grandparents and Babysitters are not considered immediate family members).
Upon payment and valid membership, I agree that all pool patrons swim at their own risk. I understand and acknowledge that neither the City of Cammack Village or its agents are responsible for any injury or death that may occur by use of the pool, but that I assume all risk associated with use of the pool, to the fullest extent allowed by law. I agree that all information provided in this form is correct and accurate. I agree that if I am purchasing a "Family Membership" that "Family" means immediate members of that household not including babysitters and grandparents. I agree to abide by Cammack Village Pool rules and staff. Not doing so will result in ejection from the pool area and suspension without refund of the membership. Pool memberships may be canceled at any point in the summer at the sole discretion of the City of Cammack Village, for reason including but not limited to unforeseeable expense or declining revenues, and a return of membership dues is not guaranteed.

Resident Family Membership

Only for household who have a Cammack Village mailing address. Season pass. Valid only for those who you have listed previously under “Immediate Family”.


NON-Resident Family Membership

For neighbors who do not have a Cammack Village mailing address. We welcome you at the Cammack Village Pool this summer! Please make sure to include all immediate family members on the open form above.


Single Resident Membership

For residents who are only wanting to purchase a membership for one person. Purchaser must be same as on valid ID when entering the pool.


Single Non-Resident Membership

For neighbors who do NOT have a Cammack Village address and wish to purchase a membership for one person. Purchaser must be same as on valid ID when entering the pool.


Sponsored Day Pass

This Day Pass is for guests who are accompanied by a paying membership patron. For example grandparents, babysitters, and children’s friends. The full summer member patron must be present with this pass holder.


Guest Day Pass (Without Member Present)

For anyone wishing to purchase a ONE-DAY USE pass who is not accompanied by a paying summer membership patron. Valid only on the date of purchase. Must show receipt of purchase upon entry to pool.